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Tiptop: the last march.

Release date: April 15, 2010

$0.99 (promo price), App Store link


Holy mission. Blind devotion.

Simple line-drawing controls coupled with Lemmings-style gameplay.

Save the mankind from swine flu pandemia, pull the world economy out of recession and do all the other things typical of an average superhero! A brave and desperate squad you control can’t wait to pass through 20 intensely challenging levels to discover where the real Evil lurks.

Requirements: Good sense of humor. You simply can’t do without it while saving the planet!

Defeat the forces of evil with finger deftness and acuity of mind, and be the first to uncover the World’s Biggest Secret Ever!

Come on, the Mankind needs you!

Press release

On5 games, the creator of Charadium, announces the release of their new app for the iPhone/iPod Touch - the ultimate challenge for both puzzle and adventure game fans: "Tipiop: the last march."

Tiptop is a new drawing game featuring stunning artwork and a twisted plot where users have to guide troops all across the screen by drawing the right path.

The fans of the genre will certainly enjoy the familiar gameplay but in brand new environments! Through the game users will have to survive the financial crisis, fight N1H1 pandemia, hope for a change together with the whole nation, and pave their way to success regardless all hardships and social biases. TipTop players will have a chance to explore 5 completely different episodes bringing them back to the heart of recent global challenges (each episode includes 4 levels sparkling with humor and satire). They’ll visit Mexico, sneak in a famous TV show studio, have a walk on the Wall Street, cross the U.S. and finally find themselves in a mysterious starship to unmask the responsible for the global problems.

The whole gaming process is about avoiding the cunning traps and other obstacles on the way to the exit. Although the troop members are loaded with purposefulness and urged by the importance of their world-saving mission, they still have some suicidal behavior tendencies, so users should keep eyes peeled and react quickly. As players guide their troops through the imaginary worlds, levels become increasingly challenging.

TipTop has an intuitive and simple interface that will appeal to both rookies and hardcore gamers. Social element makes Tiptop even more entertaining, while the animations created with thorough attention to every tiny detail are sure to impress even the pickiest players. In spite of the linear plot the game has a great replay value, as there are always a number ways to beat each level.

“This is the first time we design arcade games and it's been an exciting experience. We are very pleased with the results of our work and hope users will appreciate it as much as our online multiplayer apps.” said Anthony Almanza, managing director of On5 games.

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About the developer: On5 is a start up development studio consisting of 3 hard-working enthusiasts willing to bring new ideas into the world of mobile apps. The company was founded in October of 2009 with an ambitious goal to spur the market of puzzle and drawing games. Creativity and innovation runs in the company and many new and amazing titles are planned to be released in the nearest future to satisfy even pickiest gamer.


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